Discover the power of Botanical Origin products to clean your home. Our powerful Multi-Purpose Cleaner removes even the most difficult grease and dirt effortlessly, leaving a pleasant smell on every surface. Discover our natural-based cleaner in two fragrances:


  • Orange Blossom & Citrus Leaves
  • Fresh Jasmine & Wild Lavender

We are proud to say that our Multi-Purpose Cleaner has been awarded EU EcoLabel Certification.

To get certified, we have to respect various environmental aspects. The EU Ecolabel addresses several environmental hotspots related to the use of detergents, including:


  1. Environmental impact of toxic substances
  2. Deforestation and degradation
  3. Huge amount of waste going to landfill and impossible to recycle
  4. Inefficient use of resources and effectiveness
  5. Overuse of detergents


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No harsh chemical residues on surfaces

Our powerful multipurpose cleaner cleans household surfaces without leaving any harsh chemical residues, even without rinsing. This comes from the selection of ingredients we use in our products, which unlike others, don't contain bleach or strong acids, which can deteriorate surfaces, or other hazardous substances laid out in the criteria for EU ecolabelling, which can affect the health of the aquatic environment.