Our mission is to create a cleaner world. We want to make natural-based hygiene options easy and accessible to everyone. Our Botanical Origin range unlocks the potential of plants to give you a brilliant clean whilst being green!

When we clean our clothes, we think we’re left with little choice: brilliantly clean but full of petro-chemicals, or we go green – but does that really clean?

That’s where we come in. We created Botanical Origin with a clear objective: clean as well as the leading traditional products but using eco-certified products made with natural-based active ingredients.

And guess what? We did it! Over 80% of the active ingredients in our eco-labelled products are sourced from plants and . Finally, green got tough. 


Green Got Tough – Our Credentials

Botanical Origin uses up to 95% botanical-based ingredients to provide an effective clean for your clothes and surfaces. Both our Laundry Detergent and Multi-Purpose Cleaner have been awarded the EU ecolabel, and we are part of the AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. Our production sites are also certified independently ensuring that strict environmental practices are applied in our manufacturing process.


Better for the Environment, Better for You

We are proud to have been awarded the EU Ecolabel for our Botanical Origin Laundry Detergents and Multi-Purpose Cleaners. To achieve this eco-certification we have to respect a wide scope of environmental criteria which are embedded in European regulation. Unlike many self-proclaimed green products, EU Ecolabel products are certified by independent bodies under official controls of national authorities. Detergents products certified under this scheme tackle 5 Hotspots (source:


Our Laundry Detergent and Multipurpose C


  • Hotspot 1: Environmental Impact of Toxic Substances


“Some toxic substances present in conventional detergents have a negative impact on the environment.” 


EU Ecolabel household detergents must respect minimum thresholds for critical dilution volumes, must be composed of biodegradable surfactants and comply with strict restrictions on the number of hazardous substances present. For example, there is a strict ban on EDTA (and its salts), microplastics, and triclosan amongst other substances. Very few fragrances, preservatives, colouring agents and enzymes are allowed. Substances also, cannot be acutely toxic, a specific target organ toxicant, a respiratory or skin sensitiser, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction. The ‘Detergent Ingredient Database’ list (DID list) is available on the EU Ecolabel website.


  • Hotspot 2: Deforestation and degradation


“Many ingoing substances used in conventional detergents are derived from palm oil, which are often times sourced from plantations that are responsible for deforestation.” 


EU Ecolabel household detergents limit the deforestation and degradation of ecosystems by requiring certification schemes for the sustainable production of palm oil, that address environmental impacts on soil, biodiversity, organic carbon stocks and conservation of natural resources. Acceptable certificates include the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) (by identity preserved, segregated or mass balance) or any equivalent or stricter sustainable production scheme.


  • Hotspot 3: Huge amount of waste going to landfill and impossible to recycle 


“The use of non-recyclable material and presence of contaminating toxic substances in packaging of detergents creates unnecessary waste sent to landfills and CO2 emissions. “ 


The EU Ecolabel limits the amount of plastic and waste destined to landfill by setting weight/utility ration (WUR) requirements to ensure that only the necessary amount of packing is used for the product. Packaging must also be composed of recyclable materials and have clear indications to the consumer on how it should be properly disposed. Spray bottles must be refillable and reusable. In order to decrease the amount of CO2 emissions, propellants in sprays are also prohibited.


  • Hotspot 4: Inefficient use of resources and effectiveness 


“Poorly concentrated detergent containers and lack of dosing instructions lead to unnecessary energy and water consumption.”  


The EU Ecolabel ensures less water and energy consumption by guaranteeing that its detergents have optimal cleaning performance even at low temperatures without over-dosing. Companies must provide documentation demonstrating that the product’s fitness for use has been tested, as specified in criteria. 

  • Hotspot 5: Overuse of detergents 


“Unavailable dosing instructions and measuring equipment may lead to overuse and unintentional waste of detergents. “


The EU Ecolabel limits over-dosing household detergents by ensuring that products are accompanied by instructions on dosing. Furthermore, the reference dosage for each product must not exceed a specific amount of density of liquid used per wash or per kg of laundry. The environmental impact of incorrectly following these guidelines must also be clearly specified on the packaging.


Our EU Ecolabel range can help you

1. Save energy: the EU Ecolabel certified that our laundry detergent is effective when used at low temperatures (30oC)

2. Reducing plastic waste: In addition to hotspot 3 mentioned above, our packaging contains up to 50% of recycled plastic. 

3. Reduce exposure to hazardous substance: the EU Ecolabel applies strict toxicological and eco-toxicological criteria when reviewing and approving formulations.

Our sustainability goals for 2025

At Botanical Origin, we have set ourselves the objective of helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have 3 key sustainability objectives:


Good to great: we are aiming to increase the amount of PCR in our packaging.

Reduce the amount of CO2: ending carbon emissions will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Continue to maintain the effectiveness of our formula: using natural-based ingredients.

Our certificates of efficiency and excellence


ISO 14001:2015

A systematic framework to manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of the products, services and processes of an organisation.



The Ecoblabel environmental label identifies companies and brands that work to reduce their environmental impact, reducing impact on oceans, and the amount of dangerous substances used.

Its objective is to provide transparency, and guarantee the effectiveness of products and services that are respectful to the environment.


How does Ecolabel certify our products?

Ecolabel certifies that Botanical Origin meets strict ecological criteria and is respectful throughout the product's life-cycle (from its development to its completion). In addition, it provides accurate, non-misleading and scientifically-based information on the environmental impact of our products. 


Our Laundry Detergent and Multipurpose Cleaner are certified with the Ecolabel label, and each product has its own identification number. 



A.I.S.E helps its members in:

  • developing and representing our industry perspective with one voice to European policy makers;
  • creating and driving industry initiatives;
  • engaging with value-chain partners and other key stakeholders;
  • leveraging the expertise and diversity of the network of national associations and companies. 

*as effective as the leading brand