What makes our formula so special?


We’re different from conventional products due to the strict eco design we have applied to our developments. It means it hasn’t been easy for our scientists to come up with these formulations. So they could offer you a range of eco labelled products, that are suitable for sensitive skin yet deliver on performance, they had to apply special care in:

  • The choice of our botanical based active ingredients 
  • The choice of our fragrances, inspired by nature.
  • The level we concentrate them at.

Why is our formula so effective?


We use large amounts of naturally-derived active ingredients, which come from renewable resources, to enhance the effectiveness of our products.

Our formula is different from traditional products due to:

  • The botanical origin of our ingredients.
  • The concentration of active ingredients in our formula.

Thus, we have created a formula that is kind to sensitive skin, and suitable for use in your kitchen and other areas around food.

How do we source our fragrances?

A great fragrance is one that achieves a good clean. Therefore, we have chosen the best perfumers and created unique fragrances with natural essential oils.

How do we obtain our fragrances?

Our fragrances contain two types of ingredients: natural essential oils, and what experts call "absolute".

In order to obtain high quality essential oils, our perfumers use a process called Hydrodistillation. 

First, the stems and flowers are placed in a bowl of water, and boiled. Whilst boiling, a vapour is produced that contains essential oils. Through a decanting process (solid molecules are separated from liquid ones), solid molecules are extracted from the essential oils. Thus, no solvent is used: just flowers, stems and water.

In order to obtain the "absolute", a cold extraction is carried out. First, the molecules that provide the essence of the fragrance are separated and purified using a renewable solvent to eliminate any residue. This brings out the most profound and intense olfactory notes. 

Enjoy fragrances from nature in your home, with Botanical Origin.